Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Hamas is not the Issue

I was discussing about the palestianian issue with a friend. He told me one ustaz mentioned that the result for the massacare of Palestinians by the Israeli was Hamas fault. It was hamas fault to fire rockets at Israel. He futher explain that by firing rockets at Israel is like throwing stone at a bee hive. WHAT!? The Jews had already hit our beehives by taking the Palestinian Land in 1948. Rick Sanchez does the research and finds that Israel violated the terms of the ceasefire first by killing 6 Gazans on November 4. Shouldn't media outlets check the facts before running with a story. Check out this video.

To my Muslim brothers and sister in Singapore; I can understand that we dont have the position and the guts to fight the opression. But that doesnt allow you to put the blame on Hamas and be brainwashed by the media that Hamas is a terrorist organization or government.

History matters. After Hamas won elections in 2006, its leadership accepted a two-state solution based on the pre-war June 4, 1967 borders, but this was unacceptable to Israel. Earlier, Israel destroyed secular Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority President Arafat for failing at Camp David in July 2000 to comply with its demands to accept permanent Israeli control over Palestinian life and land confined in enclaves. Hamas became the new challenge to Israel’s vision.

The facts of history affirm that Israel will not accept a sovereign Palestinian state on any part of historic Palestine. Hamas is not the issue. All Palestinian leaders sooner or later, secular or Islamic, are declared unacceptable partners for peace no matter how much they concede to Israel. That Israel hides behind the “Hamas Islamic threat” today to destroy it as a potential partner is becoming transparent.

Dont you get it? Dont be fooled by the media my Muslim brothers and sisters.
Don't be sidetracked that it was Hamas fault that the Palestinian are living in this state.
If you want to blame someone apart from America and Israel; go blame the Arab Nation for being the spectator.


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The Stranger said...

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