Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh I See! (OIC)

1.Muslims need an Islamic state. A khalifah. We live in a world where we get distracted daily by kuffr from what really matters.

2. What about our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan? They are counting on us in to save them.THey are being bullied. Should we just be the spectator?

3. Allah (swt) will indeed not forget what we have done or not done. May Allah gather all Muslims under one state so we finally become victorious - as we were before.

4. At a start i hope Organisation Islamic Conference (OIC) must take ACTION and gather all their millitary power under one banner and defend other Islamic country that is being oppressed.

5. I repeat; they must take action and not have the Oh I See (OIC) mentality. Take action oh our Muslim leaders.

6. Rasulullah (SAW) waged war on the Jews for their attack on one Muslim woman. So far the death toll is approaching 800 HUNDREDS and counting in GAZA and all what we see is condemnations, demonstrations and Arab leaders calling for another useless summit and pointing finger at one another to take action.

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