Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lessons From The Singapore Police Force

2 years pass just like that. 9 oct 2008 marked my official ORD day from serving the Police Force. It was a good experience for me. I was attached and posted as a Staff Assistance(SA) to the Operations Officer in one of the Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC)

During my time in the police force i learn from my senior officer about courage,teamwork,going the extra mile and working smart. Something which I didnt learn in school except for some theory stuff. As police offices we also need to be very tactful and at the same time be firm with members of the public. One small mistake and we are prone to letters of complaint from the public.
I also had the chance to receive information about most of the crime in the neighbourhood. I would not mention or reveal any facts in my blog as it will be a breach of the Official Security Act (OSA). But one short advice i can give my readers is not to take the low crime rate for granted and that most crime can be prevented if we take safety precaution.

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